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Map of Bangladesh


Bangladesh ranked 18th out of the 55 countries in Climatescope 2014, with a score of 1.26. Its best score was on Low-Carbon Business Parameter III, and it performed particularly well on the financial institutions, value chains and service provider indicators.

Bangladesh has begun to unbundle its power sector, yet the state-run Bangladesh Power Development Board is still the major player. Natural gas makes up 66% of the country’s 9GW of installed grid capacity. Owing to gas shortages, however, much of this is underutilized and it has to rely on fuel oil and diesel generation to cover shortfalls. As a result, the Power Development Board is financially stressed.

Only 62% of Bangladesh’s population has access to electricity from the grid. There is no grid-connected clean energy generation as yet, but more than 2.5m residential solar systems have been installed and there is a goal to increase this to 6m by 2016. Off-grid solar accounted for all clean energy investment ($27.9m) between 2006 and 2013.

Services and industry account for more than 80% of Bangladesh’s $141bn economy; however, more than 45% of the population is employed in agriculture.


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