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Map of Barbados


Barbados scored 0.79 to finish 41th among 55 Climatescope 2014 nations. When compared with other Latin American and Caribbean countries, it ranked 17th out of 26.

Barbados’ national grid is 100% dependent on generation from imported fossil fuels. Nonetheless, the government has shown it is interested in moving towards a more diverse energy mix. In 2012, it published the Barbados Declaration, committing the country to generating 29% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2029, while reducing electricity consumption by 22%.

The vertically integrated monopoly utility, Barbados Light & Power (BLPC), recently published its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), a long-term expansion blueprint to ramp up the island’s power generation and add new power sources.

It announced an 8MW PV plant that it expects to commission by 2016, when it will become the country’s first utility-scale solar project connected to the national grid. Solar thermal water heaters are widespread, although they are not taken into account under Climatescope’s methodology.


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