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Map of China


China received the highest overall score in the 2014 Climatescope with a 2.23. China had its best performance on LowCarbon Business and Clean Energy Value Chain Parameter III, achieving its best marks on the following indicators: financial institutions in clean energy, value chains by clean sector and clean energy service providers.

The world’s largest country by population also has the largest installed capacity, most generation, and highest total CO2 emissions of any country. China completed its electrification process a decade ago, but continues to add new power generation capacity at an extraordinary rate. It has been the world’s largest wind power market for the past five years and in 2013 vaulted to becoming the largest solar photovoltaic market as well. In 2012, China added as much total power generation capacity (80GW) as the entire capacity of Mexico, a country of 120 million people.

China received a total of $54bn in clean energy investment in 2013, out of a cumulative of $302.2bn in the 2006-2013 period.

Wind and solar energy are China’s flagship sectors.


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