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Map of DR Congo


The Democratic Republic of Congo scored 0.83 on Climatescope 2014, placing it 38th. Its best ranking was on Clean Energy Investment Parameter II, reflecting particularly the country’s growth rate of investment, albeit off a low base of small hydro installations.

In 2013, $61.8m was invested in the country’s renewables sector.

This represents nearly one third of the $200m the country has attracted cumulatively since 2006 and all of that has supported small hydro project development.

The DRC receives almost all (98%) of its electricity from large hydropower projects, but many years of conflict, mismanagement and institutional weakness have taken their toll. Only around 45% of the country’s 2.6GW of generating capacity today is operational.

Consequently, the electrification rate is very low. For those on the grid, supply shortfalls can be severe.

The government’s aim to liberalize the electricity sector should make it easier for investors to develop the country’s vast potential, in particular its estimated 100GW of potential hydro power resource – the largest in sub-Saharan Africa.

While the DRC has no specific incentives for renewable energy projects yet on the books, the government does offer reductions on import duties and various taxes and levies under the country’s investment code.


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