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Map of Ecuador


Ecuador’s score of 0.96 placed it 33rd among the 55 nations surveyed for Climatescope 2014, and 16th within the 26 Latin American and Caribbean countries. It achieved relatively high scores on Clean Energy Investment Parameter II and GHG Management Activities Parameter IV, and was weakest on Clean Energy Value Chains Parameter III.

Besides its abundant water resources, the country still needs to burn fossil fuels to generate sufficient energy. Clean energy represents 8% of its total 5GW installed capacity, mainly in the form of small hydro (329MW) and biomass and waste-to-energy (101MW).

In 2013, the government re-launched a generous feed-in tariff for renewables, in a bid to promote development of other sources of clean energy. The previous feed-in tariff offered in Ecuador had expired in 2012; however, deployment has remained slow. Most new capacity commissioned in the last eight years has been either large hydro or oil-fired.

Around 92% of Ecuador’s 15.7m people are connected to the electricity grid. The increase of energy access has been promoted by the implementation of several phases of the FERUM (Fondo de Electrificación Rural y Urbano Marginal).


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