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Map of Guatemala


Guatemala finished in 29th place out of the 55 countries assessed by Climatescope 2014 with a score of 1.10. Among the 26 Latin American and Caribbean countries surveyed, it ranked 14th.

Guatemala is connected to its neighbors through the regional power market and is a net exporter of electricity. Out of a total 2.3GW generating capacity the largest of any Central American country some 27.5% is derived from renewable sources.

Given the country’s large sugar industry, it sources a significant amount of its renewable power (326MW) from cogeneration of bagasse (waste sugarcane fiber). It is also focused on solar and wind: at auctions held in 2012, it contracted 100MW of wind and 56MW of solar, most of which is set to be commissioned in 2015.

Although the country did not attract much clean energy investment in 2013, there was a marked up-tick in 2014 to finance the auctioned projects. This will improve Guatemala’s score in the next edition of Climatescope.

Looking ahead, the country plans to almost double its power generating capacity in the next four years by adding 1.8GW of new capacity. The focus will be on large hydro, with 1.2GW expected to come online by 2018.


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