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Map of Jamaica


Jamaica scored 0.80 to finish 39th among the 55 nations surveyed for Climatescope 2014. Within the 26 Latin American and Caribbean nations it ranked 18th.

Jamaica depends on imported fossil fuels (mainly fuel oil and diesel) for power generation at 873MW out of the country’s 1GW installed capacity. Energy supply is steadily becoming more diverse, with 7% of installed capacity now sourced from small hydro and wind. The government expects Jamaica to get 20% of its energy from renewables by 2030, as stated in the National Energy Policy 2009-2030.

Concrete steps were taken towards this goal when the first clean energy auction was held in 2013. The tender contracted 58MW of wind power and 20MW of PV to supply the island’s private vertically-integrated utility, Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).

Jamaicans are allowed to generate renewable energy for self-consumption using systems of up to 100kW, and to sell any surplus to the grid at a price set by the Office of Utilities Regulation. This is based on the ‘avoided cost of generation’, plus a premium of up to 15%. Looking ahead, investment should continue to trickle into the sector to finance the auctioncontracted projects.


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