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Map of Myanmar


Myanmar scored 0.78 to finish 42nd among all Climatescope 2014 nations. The country performed well on Low-Carbon Value Chain Parameter III, achieving its best marks in the off-grid distributed clean energy service providers indicator. Myanmar’s lowest performance came on Clean Energy Investment Parameter II as it attracted only $58m in such funds for non-large hydro renewables from 2006-2013.

Approximately 45m Burmese are today without electricity and Myanmar’s electrification rate is around 30%. Hydropower and thermal plans provide more than 80% of the country’s 12.5TWh of generation. The country’s total generation in 2013 of 12.5TWh is mainly from large hydropower and thermal power plants. Rolling blackouts are frequent in summer months when demand exceeds supply and efforts are underway to curb a severe energy supply shortfall. The government has set a target to have 90% of households electrified by 2030.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Energy closely regulates the power sector, sets fuel prices, and subsidizes consumer electricity tariffs.

Small-scale independent power producers are present in the country and mostly engaged in rural power generation projects.

2014 could prove a crucial year for Myanmar as the government conducts a comprehensive review of policies both to foster economic growth and develop the power sector.


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