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Map of Tajikistan


Tajikistan scored 0.48 to finish 53rd on Climatescope 2014, performing the best on Greenhouse Gas Management Parameter IV.

Tajikistan’s state-owned Bargi Tojik - a vertically-integrated utility and power distributor that serves 99% of the grid-connected consumers in the country - dominates the power sector. Bargi Tojik’s poor financial health, compounded by low tariffs and high distribution and transmission losses, leads to winter power shortages when its large hydro plants run at lower capacity. In 2012, the World Bank estimated that average weighted tariffs were 27% below Bargi Tojik’s cost of supply.

Tajikistan is just starting its support of clean energy. In June 2013, the Asian Development Bank approved a USD 10m grant to Tajikistan for household ‘smart energy’ systems. The Ministry of Finance will manage the grant, through a project management unit for channelling the funds to micro-finance institutions (MFIs) which then disburse funds to end users.


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