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Map of Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad & Tobago scored 0.54 to rank 51st among the 55 countries surveyed for Climatescope 2014, and 23rd out of the 26 Latin American and Caribbean nations. The country received its highest marks for Clean Energy Investment, Parameter II, and was weakest on Enabling Framework Parameter I.

Like many Caribbean countries, Trinidad & Tobago is wholly reliant on fossil fuels for its energy. But unlike many of its neighbors, which are net fuel importers, Trinidad & Tobago uses its own natural gas. The islands are among the leading natural gas producers in Latin America, and the oil and gas industry is one of the biggest contributors to the country’s $27.5bn economy.

The Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission is a public, vertically integrated monopoly utility with responsibility for power transmission and distribution. It buys electricity from independent power producers who, in 2012, generated 16,004GWh from natural gas. As a result, the islands have some of the lowest electricity prices in Latin America ($0.05/kWh), which leaves little economic incentive to adopt renewable solutions.


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