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Map of Zambia


Zambia ranked 30th out of 55 in Climatescope 2014 countries, with a score of 1.07. It performed best on Low-Carbon Business and Clean Energy Value Chains Parameter III, and achieved high marks for its distributed energy regulatory framework and energy access policies, both of which are components of Enabling Framework Parameter I.

There was no investment in the country’s clean energy sector in 2013; however a total of $215m was invested in small hydro schemes through asset financing and corporate finance deals between 2010 and 2011.

Zambia has a more liberalized power sector than many of its negi hbors.

Each of the three main market sectors – generation, transmission and distribution – has more than one player, but it remains dominated by a single public utility.

Zambia has one of the largest water resources in Africa and relies on large hydro for nearly 90% of installed power generation capacity. The country’s off-grid energy sector continues to grow, although the majority of the rural electrification budget is invested in grid extension projects.


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