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Map of Hebei


Hebei ranked eighth among the 15 Chinese provinces surveyed in Climatescope 2014, with a score of 1.17. It performed best on Greenhouse Gas Management Activities Parameter IV, reflecting corporate awareness of emission reduction policies, energy efficiency initiatives and clean energy capacity building.

Located in northern China, Hebei is a hub for heavy industry. It is home to the world’s largest PV module manufacturer, Yingli Solar, and has China’s second-largest volume of installed wind capacity, after Inner Mongolia. The province surrounds Beijing and experiences similar air quality issues, and so is increasing its renewables initiatives. In 2013, it had a GDP of $467.4bn

Hebei sourced 92.7% of its electricity needs (a total of 231.7TWh) from coal in 2013, and the remaining 7% from renewables. Wind accounted for 77.6% of this; however, more than 70% of the province’s wind capacity experiences curtailment rates of 20% or more.

Improved transmission lines should reduce this from 2015 onwards.

In total, Hebei has 8.9GW of installed renewable energy capacity, representing 17.9% of the province’s total.

In 2013, Hebei received $1.97bn in clean energy investment, out of a cumulative $16.6bn since 2006. During this period, the largest share went to the wind sector.

In late 2013, Hebei launched a subsidy scheme for distributed PV projects, in addition to the nationwide feed-in tarif scheme. China’s revised goal is to install 5GW of new distributed PV in 2014; so far, it has installed 1GW, with a substantial contribution from Hebei.


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